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Kyrgyzstan is blessed with majestic and beautiful nature which has largely remained pristine and untouched. There is a stunning variety of landscapes and ecosystems including lofty mountain peaks and glaciers, alpine pastures and lakes, flower-covered valleys and rivers, arid canyons and semi-deserts.

Kyrgyz Republic is one of the 200 priority ecological regions of the planet and a unique place of concentration of species of wild animals and plants in Central Asia which makes hunting and fishing tours quite popular in Kyrgyzstan. The interest of hunters extends to obtaining trophies of such species of wild animals as Marco Polo sheep, Capricorn, and roe deer. The objects of hunting can also be a wolf, a fox, a hare, an ular, a cupcake, a pheasant. The legendary hunting with golden eagles is a special pride of the Kyrgyz and today it is a whole show to watch or participate in which tourists from all over the world come. For those who prefer photography hunting every corner in Kyrgyzstan is a ready-made plot for photography.  But, perhaps, the picture of a rare mountain leopard can become the most magnificent “prey” of a photo hunter. There are very few good photographs in the world of this magnificent, beautiful animal, rightfully considered the ruler of the mountains of Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan, which is the birthplace of jailoo tourism, at the same time offers the safest option for this type of vacation. Those who want to live the life of Kyrgyz shepherds get the opportunity to spend a whole week on a high mountain pasture. The lack of benefits of civilization is compensated by memorable walks in the mountains, clean air, a night sky strewn with the stars of the Milky Way, immersion in the local ethnic culture.

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