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Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism

Kyrgyzstan is a part of the Great Silk Road with 583 historical and cultural monuments and archaeological sites, some of which (Suyab, Balasagyn, Sulaiman-Too) are of global importance and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kyrgyzstan was the “bridge” between the West and the East; there are three branches of the famous Silk Road running through the country: Pamir – Altai, southern and northern routes through the snowy mountain passes Temir –Too, and the Pamir. Since olden times Kyrgyz lands were part of highly developed, civilized areas of Central Asia and served as a “terminal ” base in intercontinental trade. The development of trade led to the interpenetration of cultures, and subsequently, to the growth of cities, and the development of science and crafts. One of these cultural centers at the crossroads of caravan routes is the ancient city of Osh.

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